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Global Health is everyone's business.

This collaborative platform aims to match changemakers with wicked health problems. 

 Let's exchange ideas, innovate around the globe and be entrepreneurial.

There is a world of possibilities and here is the community to support you. 


Call it open collaborative platform, think tank, idea bank or whatever. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between motivated students and diverse organisations involved in health projects worldwide.

Everyone else with good ideas is welcome to participate as well.

The aim is to create groups of people with different backgrounds and skills, complementing each other.


To tackle health challenges by supporting the realisation of existing and the initiation of new health projects.

To design projects that work and to realise the best ideas together

To get people in action for the Sustainable Development Goals. To stop talking but putting ideas to work.


By being innovative and thinking design.

By connecting skilled people and building project groups. By learning from each other.

By prototyping and testing what works. By scaling up and sharing successful approaches. 

Further Information:

Global Health

Global Health is "an area for study, research and practice that places  a priority on improving health and achieving health equity worldwide" (Koplan et al, 2009). Due to globalisation more and more universities offer Master programs these years. However, yet these programs mostly exist in the Global Nord. I am a Global Health student from Gothenburg University in Sweden, who initiated this platform with the help of fellow students and friends. In our course we are students not only from Europe but also from Africa, Asia and America. Since we have a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds we realised how beneficial this is to tackle health challenges. So we produce nice academic papers ;)

What would happen if it was easier to put our papers into practice? What if there was a collaboration not only with the students who made their way to Sweden but with more people from around the world? 

We study "Global" Health because our world is increasingly interconnected. We should take more advantage of this interconnectedness. Facilitating the exchange of ideas is one motivation for this platform.

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals, in short SDGs, are part of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and were implemented 2015 by the United Nations. The 17 Global Goals universally aim to “mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind” (UN, 2018).


Students study to learn how to shape the world of tomorrow. We become more and more educated and do internships to learn even better how to do our future job. The more we learn the more we see the limits of our own knowledge and skills. This is when we look beyond our own field of expertise and profit from collaboration. When we collaborate, we can contribute with what we already know, instead of waiting until we are done with learning, because when would that be? We can learn by doing, and by doing we learn better how to do what we learnt. 

Speaking of students is not ment to exclude people not studying at universities but here rather generally refers to people who want to develop themselves further through learning. This mindset is key in design thinking, since the development of a new ideas requires the openness to learn from the market. Who could fulfill this task better than students?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship, these areas are for business people, I am involved in health and not in a business. Alright, but consider there is never enough money for health, almost nowhere. So it should be worth giving a try to new ideas. This is innovation, to put ideas to work. Design thinking is the buzzword behind the idea development process which aims to guide your thinking. Innovation leads to progress. This platform does not want you to reinvent the world and health. It aims to support the initiation of something, which mostly will not be a new discovery. It does not have to, since it can already be enough to try something that works in another context. For example, try to think of your health project as a business. Set up a business plan to work out how your project can support itself. This makes your project more sustainable.


This platform is designed to be accessible for everyone who is motivated to participate. Your location should not matter. Even when you do not have the possibility to travel, through this community you can still get valuable contacts and get in exchange with people from around the world. Collaborative platforms can essentially contribute to more equity in Global Health and might play an even bigger role with the development of blockchain technology. 

InConAct across the world:
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