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An open collaborative platform to become engaged in Global Health.

Striving to achieve better health for more people, we share experiences together and innovate to find more sustainable solutions for health challenges.

InConAct Health is student power! 

*Students for Students

*Students for NGOs

*Students for Start-ups

InConAct Health empowers students and organisations. Start small, then scale up your health project. Bringing together students and organisations is of importance since students possess valuable knowledge and skills, while organisations have experience in project development and implementation. Completing each other they are an important driver to achieve more health for everyone.

Get in contact here on InConAct Health. 

How it works: 

Sign-up for the InConAct Community

Create your profile

Participate in a project or initiate a new project

Not sure yet in which of these projects you would like to participate? Don't worry, just give it a try and sign-up. You will find more information and will get inspired. Good ideas will come! 

You know a great project? Please share it with us: inconacthealth@gmail.com

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